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Five years later

Today is the fifth anniversary of the destructive wave that sent shockwaves across the country. As the Maldives remembers the Indian Ocean tsunami, some of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have been resettled in new houses, and in some cases, in new islands. Five years later, it is a pity, however, that several IDPs are still living in temporary shelters. For those living in temporary shelters, their old way of life is becoming a memory of the distant past as year after year passes.
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As the first rains of the Southwest monsoon fell on the capital city of Maldives, people were evacuating buildings and waiting anxiously on the streets, after a tsunami alert was issued following an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra on Wednesday. In several islands of the Maldives, the whole population gathered in the center of the island. Schools were evacuated and children were sent home. In a country with a very high mobile phone usage, the entire mobile phone network is crippled because thousands of people are simultaneously trying to …

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On December 26, 2004, when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit the Maldives, the capital Male did not face substantial damages due to the protective seawall constructed around it by the Japanese. Japan constructed the seawall as a grant after a strange storm surge hit Male in 1987 causing flooding.

The seawall around Male reduced the impact of the 2004 tusnami. Photo: Eagan
Today as several regions of Japan are reeling from an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami, with waves rising higher than 10 meters in some areas, our thoughts …

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Bluepeace, the environmental NGO from Maldives, has posted on its blog that mangroves which saved an island in Noonu Atoll of Maldives from the tsunami are under threat from an illegal aquaculture project. Bluepeace reports an alien species of sea cucumber is harvested in mangroves of Kendhikulhudhoo and excavation and modification of the mangroves are going on. According to Bluepeace, the mangroves in the island mitigated the impact of the tsunami by absorbing the waves.
Six years ago, on 26 December 2004, when the Indian Ocean tsunami created havoc across the …

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For thousands of years the human race has survived despite the numerous natural and man-made disasters we face so often. Catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, storms, tidal waves, tsunamis and also the disastrous consequences of the environmental damage we impose on our planet have destroyed millions of people and homes bringing nations to its knees in an instant.
Are we strong enough to fight against nature? Or are we to learn and live in harmony with it? Can we just call …

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Even though the government of the Maldives has said Haitians deserved the earthquake, that view is not shared by several Maldivian citizens. Having experienced the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, we, the people of Maldives, understand what it feels like to face a natural disaster and to live as survivors in the aftermath of a disaster. We take this opportunity to show our solidarity with the people of Haiti and Chile – two countries which experienced destructive earthquakes this year. We sympathize with the suffering of the people …